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The mobile industry is expected to grow at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 13.4% between the forecast period of 2022 to 2030. The important thing is that you have examples of your work in web development to show prospective employers. However, if you are a person who is comfortable with both technologies, then I would recommend you to learn both Android as well as Mobile Development. On the other hand, for Web Development, there is no requirement for the high-end specification computer and you can start your Web Development Journey with the computer with 1 GB RAM only. So, even the person who is not at all familiar with Programming will also find Web Development much easier. If you want to create a more creative and attractive UI, then you can learn the framework of JavaScript, like – React and Angular.

how to become a mobile developer

You can learn how to design an iOS app as well as an Android app in Mobile App Development. Both Web Programming and Android Development provide excellent learning opportunities. Apps for the Android operating system can be written in JavaScript, while apps for the iOS operating system are written in Swift. Python, PHP, JavaScript, and Ruby are the most popular Back-End Web Development languages, whereas CSS, HTML, and JavaScript are used for Front-End design. It’s extremely adaptable, allowing you to execute the same code across multiple platforms.

Mobile Development

Web development involves using code to create and maintain the core structure of a website. The role of a Web Developer is to build a website that’s functional, responsive, and user-friendly based on ideas and concepts generated by the Web Designer. Web Developers also are responsible for conducting quality assurance testing on their code to detect and eliminate any bugs. Gain the skills and knowledge to become a Full Stack Developer and meet the growing demand for professionals who can develop and maintain web applications. This project-oriented course teaches you how to code websites from scratch, and you’ll build a portfolio of working web applications to showcase to potential employers. ‍If you want to get your first job regardless of the domain, choose web.

Here we are going to answer all these questions as vividly as possible. This, of course, varies depending on what the actual business needs are but from a cost perspective, website development always trumps over mobile development. Websites fare even better in terms of reach as they have a far better chance of penetrating and reaching its intended users. Responsive website design ensures that the website developed can be accessed from a number of devices including mobile phones, ensuring a uniform user experience and wider reach at a fraction of the cost. It is a common misconception that Web developers and app developers work in the same field. Even though they are both technical experts who know how to code, plan, and execute undertakings to address their clients’ issues, their roles are quite different.

Types of Web Developers

In this post, you’ll learn the difference between mobile and web applications and gain insights that will help you decide whether to create one or the other. So, let’s compare and contrast a mobile application vs. web application. While mobile development is seeing unprecedented levels of present and forecasted demand, this does not mean that web development has been left behind. The job opportunities for web developers are expected to grow by approximately 25 to 27% by 2024. Developers can use Google or Apple’s own interface components, Software Development Kits (SDK), and development tools to create native mobile apps. Another feature that needs to be factored in is the offline availability of your product.

Here at career employer, we focus a lot on providing factually accurate information that is always up to date. We strive to provide correct information using strict editorial processes, article editing and fact checking for all of the information found on our website. To find out more, make sure to read our full editorial process page here. The average annual pay for a Mobile App Developer in the United States is $107,100. The average annual pay of a Web Developer is estimated to be $74,200. As a result, the income of a Web Developer varies depending on their level of experience and ability in the field.

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